News May  22, 2019

Upcoming Sustaining Payments Due for Louisiana Stakes

ALEXANDRIA, LA—MAY 13, 2019—Sustaining payments for the 2019 LQHA Breeders' Derby and the 2019 LQHBA Louisiana Million Futurity are due in June.

A $500 payment to sustain to the 2019 $275,000-est. LQHBA Breeders' Derby is due June 1. The race for accredited Louisiana-bred 3-year-olds will be contested next fall at Evangeline Downs. For a list of horses currently eligible CLICK HERE.

Late nominations to the 2019 LQHBA Breeders' Derby can be made at time of entry for $15,000.

A $500 sustaining payment for the 2019 $1 million-est. LQHBA Louis

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