News December  3, 2022

Louisiana Requires Piroplasmosis Testing Beginning October 4

All horses entering Louisiana racetracks must have a current Piroplasmosis test.

NEW ORLEANS, LA—SEPTEMBER 12, 2017—The Louisiana State Racing Commission has renewed a rule required testing for piroplasmosis, effective October 4.

The rule states that no horse will be allowed to enter the confines of a Louisiana racetrack unless it has a test for Equine Piroplasmosis taken within 12 months of the date of entry of the racetrack and/or race. The test must be a negative test result for Theileria equi.

Piroplasmosis is a blood-borne disease that can cause serious injury or death. There is no vaccine available against it. 

While ticks are a known vector for the disease, it is also commonly transmitted via the reuse of infected needles or via blood transfusions.

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