News October  27, 2021

LQHBA Office Still Experiencing Power Outages

Louisiana took a direct hit last week from the Category 4 Hurricane Laura.

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ALEXANDRIA, LA—SEPTEMBER 2, 2020—Bruce Salard, Executive Director of the LQHBA, said the association's office in Alexandra, Louisiana is still experiencing power outages due to the impact of Hurricane Laura last week.

"Although the office is open, the phone and internet are continuing to experience outages," Salard says.

Hurricane Laura, which was a 150-mph Category 4 major hurricane at landfall near Cameron in Southwest Louisiana, was still packing 100 mph sustained winds as the storm passed west of Alexandria Thursday morning.

As a result, Alexandria received sustained tropical storm force winds around 50 mph and gusts as high as 85 mph that caused widespread wind damage and knocked out power citywide.

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