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LQHBA Releases Hip Draw Results for Summer Yearling Sale

LQHBA Consignors have until Monday, June 15 to make one (1) hip # swap for the upcoming LQHBA Louisiana-Bred Yearling Sale.

ALEXANDRIA, LA—JUNE 9, 2015—LQHBA officials released final hip #'s for the upcoming LQHBA Louisiana-Bred Yearling Sale scheduled for August 7-8 in Kinder, Louisiana.

Hip number 1 thru 300 will sell on Friday, August 7 and hips 301 thru 599 are scheduled for Saturday.

Consignors wanting to make a Hip Number "Swap" should contact the LQHBA office at 318.487.9506, prior to Monday's (June 15) deadline.

For a list of Hip Number's alphabetically by the name of the yearling consigned to the sale CLICK HERE.

For the list in numerical Hip Number order CLICK HERE.

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