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Los Alamitos Notebook For Races 6-7 On Friday and Saturday

Los Alamitos Notebook for Races 6 and 7 on Friday and Saturday.

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LOS ALAMITOS, CA—APRIL 9, 2020, 2020—Los Alamitos Notebook for Friday, April 10 – Races 6 & 7.


  • Top Model – March 21 - :12.10 at 220 yards - Outside horse
    Posted the 2nd fastest of 67 drills when facing the highly regarded Favorite Cartel filly Danjerous on March 21. Top Model will break inside but will accelerate nicely halfway through the drill. Rider will encourage her lightly a few times and filly will continue to stride strongly to the wire and is a full of run past the wire.
  • La Estrella Corona – March 19 - :12.50 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Had the 3rd fastest of 18 drills when working with Magical Prize on March 19. Will break inside but is fast out of the gate to open a sizeable lead over Magical Prize. She was under wraps the entire way in a very easy drill.
  • Diva This – March 21 - :12.30 at 220 yards - inside horse
    Will break inward sharply but will level out at the gap. Will be asked for more by her exercise rider and she’ll complete the drill in solid fashion while edging her workmate, Unstoppable One, by a head. Note that Unstoppable One will debut on Saturday night.
  • Corona Gypsie – March 21 - :12.50 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Will break to the inside and appears to get pushed even farther inside by workmate, who also broke to the inside. Will come away from the early trouble with the advantage and will cruise to the wire from there while never asked by her rider. Workmate’s name is Secretly Love, who completed the drill in a time of :12.8.
  • Still Hateful – March 21 - :12.50 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Will break sharply to the inside while taking on the very talented Jess Lyndes Reason. Will level out and find herself right alongside her workmate with jockey encouraging her righthanded. She’s unable to keep up with the very impressive winner. This is a much better than looked work from Still Hateful, as Jess Lyndes Reason posted a time of :12.10 for the fastest of 67 works this morning.
  • Halley – February 29 - :12.40 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Filly will show exceptional quickness out of the gate when clocking in with the fastest of 16 works on February 29. She’s very professional throughout while under wraps for the duration of the drill. She does it all on her own and it’s a Halley of a work as she outduels workmate by multiple lengths.
  • La Reina Del Sur – March 21 - :12.10 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Had the 5th fastest of 67 drills on March 21. She’ll veer in sharply at the start but will come away with a ½ length advantage. The queen of the south, as her name translates, shows great stride here while only asked once. She will drift away from the rail but finishes strongly and wins the drill by 1 ½ lengths over Suite Encounter, who debuted with an out of the money finish.


  • Scatchmelater – March 21 - :12.40 at 220 yards - Outside horse
    Posted the 13th fastest of 67 drills when working with Druski on March 21. Will hop just a bit out of the gate and will break to the inside. Will shift out after the gap and then jockey will use his right hand at that point. Runner will respond with a strong flurry before drifting in at the wire.
  • Royal Racy Perry – March 19 - :12.50 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Will record the 3rd fastest of 18 works on March 19 when working alongside Strange Fellows, who was a troubled 2nd place finisher to SC Divas Cartel in their debuts last Sunday. Royal Racy Perry can be seen moving his head around in the gate and will then break out and bump Strange Fellow. Will then drift inside after the start and will at times will run with his head up high. The Volcom gelding is outworked by 1 ½ lengths.
  • Faruk – March 19 - :12.50 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Equaled the 3rd fastest of 18 drills on March 19. He breaks behind his workmate, Sports Cartel Jr, and rider will quickly go to work asking for more just past the gap. Faruk will respond and engage his workmate and the two continue evenly until Faruk inches ahead of Sports Cartel Jr before winning drill by a head. A very competitive work for both.
  • King Relentless – March 21 - :12.20 at 220 yards - Outside horse
    Recorded the 4th fastest of 67 drills on March 21 when breaking alertly against workmate named Captain Obvious. King Relentless will accelerate and extend his lead at around the 100 yard mark of this drill and will continue to stride out beautifully past the green tarp and then the wire. He’ll cross the finish line well ahead of Captain Obvious and his gallop is a powerful one as well.
  • Max Prize – March 19 - :12.60 at 220 yards -Outside horse
    Runner by Fast Prize Cartel had the 10th fastest of 18 drills on March 19. Will break inside to bump workmate but then accelerates quickly from there and just opens an imposing advantage. Will be asked once at the midway point just to keep him engaged. Very solid drill.
  • Magical Prize – March 19 - :12.90 at 220 yards - Outside horse
    Had the 14th fastest of 18 drills on March 19. Will leave the gate awkwardly while breaking inward. Will continue to lug in and runs with his head high. Jockey will correct the colt, who finally finds his stride. He’ll make up about ¾ lengths on his workmate, Las Estrella Corona, towards end of the work before sailing past her during gallop out. La Estrella Corona debuted earlier tonight.
  • Eagle Empire – February 25 - :12.20 at 220 yards - Inside horse
    Posted the fastest of 35 drills when working with SC Divas Cartel Man, who won his racing debut last Sunday night. Eagle Empire will veer in sharply but quickly gains his stride. Rider will ask for more from son of One Famous Eagle during the work. Eagle Empire will main his advantage and will cross the wire about a ½ length ahead of SC Divas Cartel Man. Also take a look at the tremendous gallop out from Eagle Empire.

Los Alamitos Notebook For Saturday, April 11 – Races 6 & 7


  • Temptriss – March 28 -:12.50 - Outside horse
    Worked alongside Foose Chris in a drill in which she posted the 4th fastest of 34 drills. The Stel Corona filly will stand perfectly in the starting gate when working from the outside post and will break nicely while continuing easily before beginning to draw away from her foe at the midway point of the drill. She was never asked while striding nicely past the wire when winning the drilling by two lengths and then finish with a very solid gallop out. Her workmate, Foose Chris, will be in action in race seven.
  • Red Rosy Cartel – March 28 :12.50 - Outside horse
    Posted the 14th fastest of 34 drills on March 28 when standing nicely in the gate before hopping out of the gate before quickly recovering her stride. Purchased for $28,000 at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale, she’ll engage her rival and the two will continue evenly during the middle portion of the work. She’ll be asked lightly and will finish solidly from there. Good finish to the drill.
  • Precious Corona – March 19 :12.50 - Inside horse
    Worked with El Katie Cartel when posting the 3rd fastest of 18 works on March 19. She broke in right from the start and then drifted inside once again at the halfway mark. Was asked right-handed and she showed a nice stride all the way to the wire when finishing about 1 ¾ lengths behind sharp companion. El Katie Cartel was a troubled fifth last Sunday night as the post time favorite in that race.
  • Royal Flash Favorite – March 21 :12.70 - Outside horse
    Stood perfectly in the starting gate when outworking Jess Tools by daylight in route to posting the 35th fastest of 67 drills. She left gate in good fashion before lugging in several racing lanes. She was well ahead of her rival and continues solidly throughout the drill while remaining on the inside part of the track during the work.
  • Thin Lizzey – March 18 :12.60 - Inside horse
    The gray filly recorded the fifth fastest of 28 drills on March 18 when working with Back Home Again. Thin Lizzey had her turned slightly before looking forward before the start. She broke inward but leveled out quickly. Was asked several times during the second part of the drill and work nicely from there finishing about a neck behind Back Home Again but continued nicely during the gallop out.
  • Racie – March 21 :12.60 - Solo Drill
    Will work by herself when posting the 29th fastest of 67 drills on March 21 when leaving nice and fast out of the gate. She’ll begin to drift inside just past the gap and rider will quickly correct her then rider will switch to tap her once right-handed. Racie continues solidly and does drift in again at the wire before shifting out wide during her gallop out.
  • FG Jess Paintin Thru – February 25 :12.70 - Inside horse
    Had the 7th fastest of 35 drills when leaving the gate in decent fashion on February 25 before showing outstanding acceleration three to four strides into her work. She does the work all on her own while continuing handily throughout and winning the drill by 1 ½ lengths and then continuing in good form past the wire.


  • Unstoppable One – March 21 :12.30 - Outside horse
    Posted the 5th fastest of 67 drills when working evenly from the outside post versus the solid 2-year-old filly named Diva This, who races on Friday night. Unstoppable One broke sharply from the outside and will be asked several time during the work. Unstoppable One is about stride behind Diva This during this work but will finish solidly to hit the wire just a hair behind Diva This at the wire. He’ll get push really wide during the gallop out.
  • #2 Druski – March 21 :12.50 - Inside horse
    Posted the 17th fastest of 67 drills when getting outworked by about a ½ length by Scatchmelater. The assistant starter will help Druski point his head forward and horse will come away a bit slow. He’ll stumble lightly about 2-3 strides out of the gate but will recover quickly. He’ll drift in when jockey goes to his right hand but continues to show good speed. Druski is even with Scatchmelate at this point, but will lose the advantage near the wire and will finish about a ½ length behind workmate.
  • #3 My Special Card – March 19 :12.90 - Inside horse
    Posted the 14th fastest of 19 drills when working from the inside post. Veered inward right at the start but leveled out quickly will be asked a couple of times and continues to want to drift inside. Rider will use his left hand once again and horse will reengage workmate. My Special Card will finish about neck behind in this drill before continuing with a solid gallop out.
  • #4 Tip Your Hat To That – March 21 :12.70 - Inside horse
    Will break well from the inside post when working alongside the Favorite Cartel colt Kingman Born. Tip Your Hat To That has a slight lead early on but will give way to his rival. Will be asked throughout the drill and appears to be wanting to shift out late in the work and will drift out past the wire and gallop out when posting the 35th fastest of 67 drills on March 21.
  • #5 BF Emily B Foosen – March 21 :12.50 - Outside horse
    Posted the 17th fastest of 67 drills when outworking Morning Misty Marie on March 21. She was trying to lean on the right side of her gate stall and scrambled out of the gate while bobbling shortly after the start. Rider will ask her twice during the early of the work and she’ll respond nicely by taking the lead and then pulling away from her foe. She posted a very nice finish and a good gallop out from there.
  • #6 Foose Chris – March 28 :12.80 - Inside horse
    Worked alongside Temptriss when posting the 21st fastest of 34 drills on March 28. Will lug in sharply from the inside post all the way to the rail while losing a lot of ground to his work rival. Exercise rider will encourage him several times during the work and Foose Chris does give it his all but is not able to make up much ground against the very sharp filly Temptriss. A $20,000 purchase at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale.
  • #7 El Aracada – March 24 :12.60 - Solo drill
    A solo drill from this gelding on a morning in which there were only three works posted. El Aracada has his heat turned sideways before looking straight ahead when the gate opens and will walk out of the gate before picking up speed a few strides into the work. The rider will encourage him twice during the middle of the work and gelding responds nicely and continues solidly from there.

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